Published work

Flash Fiction:

  • 27th January 1995: Every Day Fiction.  Read it here
  • Shoebox: Reflex Fiction, Autumn 2018. Read it here.
  • Waiting: Flash Flood Journal 2018. Read it here.
  • No Mirrors: Reflex Fiction, Spring 2017 published here and in Barely Casting A Shadow (Reflex Fiction Vol 1, 2018)
  • Tilted Smiles: Comps'n'Calls.
  • Bird Music: The Great British Write Off - Timeless Echoes (Nov 2016) 
  • The Truth on the Edge: WriteOnSite
  • Gone: The Best of Café Lit 2013
  • Leaving: The Best of Café Lit 2012
  • Mislaying Medication: Writing Magazine
  • The Widow: Café Lit Flash
  • Beneath the Arches: An Earthless Melting Pot (Words with Jam)
  • Various 75 words stories on Paragraph Planet Sample paragraphs.
  • Monologue: Mslexia
  • 60 word story: Woman's Weekly

Short Stories:
  • Still Life: Hysteria 6 Anthology (2017)
  • The Importance of Shoelaces: Stories for Homes 2 (2017)
  • Chocolate in Summer: Greenacre Writers Anthology Vol 2  
  • Sad Old Man: Writers' News (website), Greenacre Writers Anthology Vol 3
  • The Depths of Memory: Greenacre Writers Anthology Vol 1 
  • Night Call: Voices from The Web Anthology 2012

Non Fiction:
  • The following articles were published online on powderroomgraffiti but are no longer available. 
  • Proceed to Fifty With Caution
  • Boast by Post
  • The Upside of an Empty Nest
  • The Importance of Pasta
  • The Queen of Green
  • Give Me the Money!
  • Some Cheesecake, Dear?
  • Mirror Face
  • Flab or Fab
  • Condolence Letters are Too Late

  • Condolence Letters are Too Late (revised): Starts at 60.
  • Mining for Australian Literature. Cath Barton's blog.
  • From Atlantic to Pacific: A Visit to Costa Rica. Rachel Gilbey's blog . 
  • Five Days in the Life... Reading Russia on the TranSiberian railway. Rachel Gilbey's blog.
  • Wanderings in Senegal. Rachel Gilbey's blog.
  • Taking the Plunge: in Morgen Bailey's Competitive Edge column in Writers' Forum, June 2018
  • Rejected: Writing District. 
  • Forget Bournemouth, How About Samarkand? Senior Travel Expert website. Read it here.
  • Wading Rivers in Nepal: Roadjunky website
  • Reports for British Voice Association Newsletter and Aromatherapy Times
  • Numerous articles published in The Greenacre Times, a small community magazine.
  • Article for Aromatherapy Quarterly.
  • Book Talk: The People's Friend. 

Competition places:
  • 1st prize: Writing Magazine, WriteOnSite, The Great British Write Off 2016, Senior Travel Expert writing competition 2017, Hysteria 2017, Comps and Calls.
  • 2nd prize: Writers' News
  • 3rd Prize: Words with Jam
  • Runner up: Writers' News
  • Shortlisted: Roadjunky, Writers' News, 5 Minute Fiction,  Bad Language National Flash Fiction 2012, Chudleigh Phoenix 2013, Flash500 Summer 2013.
  • Longlisted: Frome Short Story Competition 2014, Reflex Fiction Spring 2017, Ad Hoc Fiction, Flash500 Spring 2018, Flash500 Novel Opening 2018, Australia Writers Centre Furious Fiction Jan 2020.  

Publications as Editor:
  • Finchley Remembered II, 2016
  • Greenacre Writers Anthology Vol 3  (co-editor, 2014
  • Greenacre Writers Anthology Vol 2  (co-editor), 2013
  • Greenacre Writers Anthology Vol 1  (co-editor), 2011

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