Sunday, 2 September 2012

Greenacre Writers Anthology Vol 1 wins 3rd place.

Pleased that the Greenacre Writers Anthology Vol 1 was placed third in the NAWG anthology competition.

Stories for the second Greenacre Writers Short Story Competition are coming in, for which I am a reader and shortlister. The winning entries will be published in the Greenacre Writers Anthology Vol 2. There's still two months in which to enter.

Entries may be made by post: e-mail for entry form or enter online: Here


Joanna said...

Congratulations, Lindsay, on the brilliant news of the third place.
The anthology looks lovely. Well done! x

Unknown said...

Hi, Lindsay!

I was glad to know you made it to Zanzibar, because it means you are OK. As I told you I knew you would love it. Also glad you did some safaris in the continent before going to the islands. Africa is just wonderful, isn't it?

Take care.