Tuesday 21 November 2017

Launch of paperback edition of Stories for Homes 2

As winter approaches and grey days loom, there's nothing I like so much as settling down with a cup of coffee and a good book, grateful for a cosy home to call my own.

Stories for Homes 2 aims to help make that a possibility for those who don't have a home or whose homes are substandard, by supporting the charity, Shelter.

The 55 stories and poems in the anthology relate to the theme of 'home' but the concept is interpreted in many different ways, making this a collection with wide appeal.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, when the e-book version was launched, I am thrilled to have my story, The Importance of Shoelaces, in this collection. It sits alongside stories from many authors I admire and now I've had a chance to read, and in some cases re-read, all the stories, I feel even more honoured that mine was selected. I've also discovered new writers whose work I will follow. The writing styles are varied and the themes thought provoking, sad, funny and cosy in turn.

I remember way back when I was a child hearing the buzz about a shocking TV play called Cathy Come Home. It was shocking because it featured the issue of homelessness, and related problems which didn't get much of an airing in those days until Ken Loach came along. I didn't actually see the play until a few years later and I saw it again on it's fiftieth anniversary last year when it was shown on TV,  around the same time Loach's latest film I, Daniel Blake was also released. Sadly, homelessness has not improved in the intervening fifty years. Co-incidentally the charity Shelter was launched just a few days after Cathy Come Home was first aired, although the two were not linked.

Stories for Homes 2 will not only give you an interesting read but your purchase will enable Shelter to benefit as well. Win-win!

There are a number of live events to launch this collection into the world, including a slot at Rae Stoltenkamp's book launch, mentioned in the previous post on this blog, so do get to one if you can. See the details here. The anthology is also available to buy online here.


Joanna said...

I can't wait to read this book and huge congratulations to you, Lindsay, for having a story published in it. I remember being shocked by Cathy Come Home and really upset by the final scene. It's so good that this anthology will be raising money for Shelter xxx

Patsy said...

Congratulations on being included in the anthology!

Rae Stoltenkamp said...

Very much looking forward to having Stories for Homes at my launch. Just a pity you can't be there Lindsay.