Stories online.

Some Memories Will Be Erased - a flash written to a prompt on National Flash Fiction Day.

Jewel - a 100 word story published on page 22 of Issue 3 of 100 Word Project

Much Time Has Passed  - a flash that began life for a competition with specific criteria.

Chocolate In Summer   This was one of my earlier stories which was first published in Greenacre Writers Anthology Vol 2 in 2013. It has been republished on  My mother-in-law was a classical pianist who never achieved her potential but the resemblance to Margot, the mother-in-law in the story, stops there. 

Still Life  won the 2017 Hysteria short story prize.

Waiting - another flash fiction.

27th January 1995 flash fiction based on a real gentleman. 

The Twenty-Five Step Method to Achieve Perfect Focus in All Your Endeavours - this began life as my submission to Australian Writers' Centre Furious Fiction challenge for January 2020. 

Deliquesce: verb, become liquid. Dissolve in moisture from air. Deliquescence: noun. Deliquescent: adjective. A quick flash in response to a prompt.

Faded - a flash fiction piece.

Remember The Best Thing - this was my entry for a story to be written using given prompts within a 55 hour time-frame. It made the long-list out of hundreds of entries. Being topical I decided to publish it on my blog.

Waiting for A Good Fit:  - this story began life as a 500 word prompted piece that required a list and certain included words.  

The Mature Woman's Guide to Exciting and Fulfilling New Relationships: Written to a prompt specifying a ten word title and a ten word story.

Malika's Parting Gift. A flash which was mostly based on a true story  All names have been changed (and I was a speech therapist rather than a physio.) Sadly, the end was purely imagination although I wish it were true.

Lessons Learned in the Playground; a flash fiction piece.

Eighteen Hours of Rain: a flash fiction written to a prompt. The prompt involved a specific date (different for each writer) and mine was 3rd October 1943. I Googled events on that day and learned of a battle in WW2. A little more research came up with a few very brief mentions which I wove into this brief piece for NFFD's Write-In created in an hour.

Grandpa John's Favourite Dinner:  another quickly created flash written to a prompt.

The Depths of Memory - the beginning of this story is based on memories of a holiday with my daughter in beautiful Kefalonia some years back. I have always said she was a mermaid in a past life because of her love for swimming in the ocean where she feels no fear. Have we lived past lives? Perhaps...

   This story was published in Greenacre Writers Anthology Vol 1 (2012). Read the opening paragraphs for a taste.

The Night Father Christmas was Confused - began life as a Christmas story for a local magazine, The Greenacre Times. A slightly updated version was published on my blog for Christmas 2013. You can read it here.


Guernsey Girl said...

I remember sending a short story to a magazine in the 1980s. Not only was it rejected (it was about a blind man whose girlfriend didn't realise he couldn't see) but it included a note to say what a ridiculous idea it was for a story and that no-one would ever read it. It didn't put me off though, it just made me more determined to succeed. I've had plenty of criticism since, but I'm still writing....

Lindsay said...

Yes, Guernsey Girl, it' s worth persisting! Your idea sounds pretty good to me! Sometimes we see past difficulties. I'd known a colleague for ages before I realized she had only part of one hand. She made no fuss about it and was very adept so it was only when she made reference to it that I saw her 'disability.'