Wednesday 16 May 2018

Barely Casting A Shadow

Just when I was in need of a pick up, this dropped through my letter-box. (The book, not the flowers.)

Barely Casting A Shadow is Reflex Fiction's first volume containing 161 flash fiction stories that have been long-listed in their competitions from 138 authors.

I'm so pleased to have my story, No Mirrors, alongside all the other fabulous entries from writers whose names you see popping up all over the place whether winning competitions or getting their flash fiction collections and novels published.

The stories have been published on the Reflex Fiction website but it's so much better having them in a real book format!

It is available from Amazon here.


Rae Stoltenkamp said...

First off - congrats on being long-listed and second, I agree; an actual copy is totally the biz. I hope more good things come your way.

Lindsay said...

Thanks, Rae. I do have several ebooks, but much prefer the 'real' thing! Will always want bookcases of books around me.

Joanna said...

What a lovely looking book this is, Lindsay. Huge congratulations on your well-deserved success. I agree that it's a terrific boost to see your work in a print publication XXX

Lindsay said...

Thank you, Joanna. I admit I am fond of my very modest collection of anthologies that have my name somewhere in them. Nowhere near as large as your collection.